Cyclone Privacy Slats is proud to offer Cyclone Privacy Slats at a discounted price. From winged slats to feather lock slats, and industrial slats to top lock slats, we offer a variety of options insuring you find a privacy slat that suits your style. Our industrial link privacy slats are designed to decrease visibility by 75% while being one of the toughest privacy slats on the market. Our winged privacy slat gives a unique feel with its diagonal orientation, and is available in a wide range of colors. The FinLink privacy slat offers a unique configuration of three privacy fins, providing the knowledge that all slats are even in the wire and will not slip to the ground.

Our privacy slats are very durable and are resistant to severe weather, sand, slat water, most acids, ammonia and other pollutants. They are easy to clean, requiring a mere pressure cleaning with water to remove surface contaminants. Our privacy slats come in a variety of sizes and colors, and we are sure to meet or exceed your customer service expectations.

Whether you are looking for the toughest slats on the market, or are looking to update your backyard color scheme, has you covered. Call (888) 378-1089 for a free price quote today!