Chain Link Fence Privacy Options

While chain link fences are an affordable option for a backyard, because of the mesh material, there is only a little privacy provided. Despite this, many customizable options will accentuate your backyard and give it a little more privacy than previously.

Chain Link Fence Hedge Slats

Hedge Slats

Chain Link Fence Forevergreen Hedge Slats

Hedge slats offer a unique option to let your chain link fence blend in with the background by disguising your fence as a green hedge.

If you are not a fan of the industrialized look of a chain link fence, a hedge slat could be the option you are looking for. Plus, these hedges are flame retardant and resistant to several weather changes.

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Chain Link Fence Vinyl Slats

Vinyl Slats

Chain Link Fence Top Locking Privacy Slats

Vinyl top locking privacy slats have a lightweight yet sturdy design for decorating a chain link fence and offering additional privacy.

As a bonus, vinyl fences come in multiple colors to suit any landscaping features in your backyard. This privacy option also offers low-maintenance features that are easy to clean with water.

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Ornamental Fence Slats

Ornamental Slat

Ornamental Fence Privacy Slats Kit

Unlike vinyl, hedge, or aluminum slats, ornamental slats can only be used with aluminum or steel picket fences. However, a plus is that these slates are easy to install and only need to be snapped on the picket.

Another benefit of ornamental slats is that they can be used as louvers. Just turn them 90° to achieve an open breeze. All ornamental slates are made from durable, UV- Resistant PVC.

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Chain Link Fence Aluminum Slats

Aluminum Slats

Chain Link Fence Aluminum Privacy Slats

If you enjoy a classic lattice look, aluminum privacy slats add this decorative feature to your backyard and are available in various colors.

The long-lasting extruded aluminum with a gloss-backed finish offers color that will not fade quickly. Just like vinyl, these slats are easy to clean with some water.

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Choosing A Privacy Fence Option

If you are still determining what privacy fence option would look great in your yard, samples are available in all slats. That way, you can decide what material works best with your fence without spending your hard-earned money on a slat that does not match the scenery around your fence.

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