Cyclone Privacy Fence Slats

Cyclone Privacy Fence Slat Aluminum

A cyclone privacy fence, or chain link fence, is made from galvanized or steel wire. These fences are durable and affordable, making them an ideal companion to playgrounds, dog parks, or residential homes. While these fences boast lots of positives, one thing people may not like about them is the overall look. Some people hate the “industrial” or prison-like image these fences can bring to an environment.

If you are one of those people, fear not! There are so many solutions to make your fence fit your backyard aesthetic. One of these is installing some decorative slats. Slats are attachments to your chain link fence that add security and customization. Just think of it as a way to accessorize your fence!

While there are many slats, the basic ones include vinyl, aluminum, and hedge slats.

Cyclone Privacy Fence Natural Slats

If you prefer a natural look, hedge slats look like blue spruce needles. They provided up to 95% privacy and wind blockage.

Cyclone Privacy Fence Decorative Slats

If you want to choose the color and design of your slats, vinyl, and aluminum are the best materials that offer a wide selection of colors. Vinyl slats have long-lasting UV inhibitors that help keep your slats looking their best, while aluminum has a gloss-baked enamel finish to leave a durable color that will last through the years. Both fence slats are easy to clean with water.

Still trying to figure out what slat for your cyclone privacy fence works for you? This helpful comparison table will help you make the right decision.

Slat Comparison For Cyclone Privacy Fence

Slat Type

Color Options




Vinyl Slats

Multiple Color Options 25-Year Warranty And Made To Last Just Clean With Water Affordable Option

Hedge Slats

Only Available in Varieties of Green 10-Year Warranty And Durable Material Pressure Cleaning With Water More Expensive Option

Aluminum Slats

Multiple Color Options Corrosion-Proof And Can Last More Than 15 Years Just Clean With Water More Expensive Than Vinyl But Still Affordable

If you require additional help choosing a privacy slat, please get in touch with our helpful sales representatives.

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