How Do I Block My Neighbors From Seeing My Yard?

For those who are looking to keep nosy neighbors from looking in on your space but are not looking to have the costly and timely expense of having a traditional privacy fence added, we have the solution for you. Obtain the backyard refuge you are looking for without the hassle of adding our one-of-a-kind privacy slats to your chain link fence.

Our privacy slats are an economical and efficient way to add privacy and curb appeal to your backyard area. Do not worry about having to install a new fence. With our high-quality slats, your existing chain link fence will be transformed with just a few easy steps. Simply insert the slat through the mesh of your existing fence and create the outdoor space you have been dreaming of. Depending on the style of privacy slat you choose will determine how they will secure your fence. Made from sturdy materials like vinyl, PVC, and aluminum, our privacy slats are designed to look amazing and built to last.

We have a diverse selection of slats to meet the needs of all our customers. Whether you are looking for complete or minimal privacy in a slat that is a certain color, we offer a slat to meet each customer’s requirements.

We even offer hedge slats that provide a more natural appearance to your fence while still giving you the privacy you crave. These slats give you the look of having a well-maintained hedge without all the time and effort you would normally need to achieve that.